A Message from the Superintendent

Striving For Our Sierra Best

Dear Sierra Unified School District,

Daily, our school district strives to prepare students to take their place as productive and contributing members of society. New input from the state and federal government does not change that focus. Instead, it has sharpened the need to make sure that what we teach, everything dollar we spend, and all we model will lead to improved student achievement.

This school year has been and will be challenging and exciting. Our school district has learned there is no challenge too great when all work together for the benefit of students. We must keep student safety and student learning central to what we act upon.

It is important to value everyone’s voice and contributions. The answer to so many of our challenges lies within the experience and skills in this community and staff.

Everyone has an important part to play in facing our challenges. We have all been through unprecedented experiences and the effects remain. We need to take care of our students and each other, especially those that are quiet and may feel unrepresented.

Be flexible, be ready to adjust, be ready to make changes. I encourage you to be involved in school programs and activities.

Let us know what you like about our website. Tell us what other information would help you stay informed about Sierra Unified School District.



Ron Hudson
Interim Superintendent