Welcome Back for the 2020-2021 School Year!

It is officially the first day of the new school year!

We wish we could have everyone face-to-face, but that’s not possible yet; we hope it will be possible sometime soon. For now, we are back and it’s virtual!

Foothill Elementary students will get to meet their teachers one-to-one this week. Foothill’s Distance Learning Schedules can be found here.

Virtual classes will begin on Thursday for the Sierra Junior and Senior High, and there will be a drive-through prior to that to pick up your Chromebook and get your supplies. The Virtual Plan and Distance Learning Schedule for SJSHS can be found here.

Meal deliveries for Sierra students will start today, Monday, August 17th. Remember, students will need to have their enrollment verified by the meal delivery attendant before they will be provided with a meal. You can find the schedule/routes here.

Welcome back, and remember to keep striving to be your Sierra Best!