Recovery & Resilience Summer Offering 8th-12th Grades

R&R 9-12 Summer School

High School: Current 8th-12th Grades

Students currently in grades 8-12 will have the opportunity to complete up to 10 credits through an independent study summer school using one of our online platforms (Edgenuity or Apex). Classes are completely online, but each student will be assigned a Sierra Unified teacher to support them as they work through their class. Teachers will be available by video, phone or email. Both credit recovery and original credit courses will be offered for those students with impacted schedules. 

Location: Online (via video conferencing and online platforms)

Dates: June 7-July 15 (6 weeks)

Days: Monday-Thursday

Time: 8 AM- 1 PM

Summer Registration Form – Due May 14, 2021


If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Jody Hooker-Silva

Summer School Program Coordinator

(559) 855-3020 X 163

Heather Wheeler 

SUSD Alternative and Extended Education Director

(559) 855-3020

Stacey Thomure (for questions about 8-12 online summer school)

S@H Teacher on Special Assignment 

(559) 855-3020 X 163