Independent Study Guidelines

Sierra Unified offers both Short-Term and Long-Term Independent Studies to all Students

Short-term Independent Studies

Students can utilize short-term independent studies at the Foothill Elementary, Sierra Junior High and Sierra High School. Short-term independent studies are done for a maximum of 15 days total per school year and are done by the student’s current teachers.

Long-term Independent Studies

Students requesting long-term Independent Studies will be served at Sierra @ Home. Parents can request that their student be transferred to Sierra @ Home at any time during the school year.
  1. Parents have the right to request a pupil-parent-educator conference meeting prior to enrollment.
  2. Pupils have the right to enroll, disenroll and re enroll in Independent Studies at any time in the school year. The student will be placed in their requested placement within 5 days of their request.
  3. Content will be aligned with grade level standards. Students in high school will have access to all courses offered by Sierra Unified for graduation and all A-G approved courses.
  4. Instruction will be provided at a minimum as follows by grade level:
  • TK-3: Daily synchronous instruction for all students
  •  4-8:  Both daily live and weekly synchronous instruction
  •      9:12: Weekly synchronous instruction