Dual Enrollment

I can take college classes while I’m still in high school?

Sierra High School is working in partnership with Clovis Community College to offer college courses to qualifying students while they are still in high school. Yes – a jump start on earning college credits! These courses would count towards high school graduation requirements as well as earn college credit.  Research indicates that students who complete college courses while still in high school are more likely 1) to graduate high school, 2) earn a college certificate or degree, 3) earn higher wages than students who do not attend college.  Additionally, high school students can take colleges courses tuition-free!

To qualify for Dual Enrollment, a student would need to be a junior (3.0 GPA or higher) or senior (2.5 GPA or higher). At Sierra, we are looking at two options: 1. The course is taught by a SHS staff member during the school day. 2. The course is online and is taught by a Clovis Community College faculty member and facilitated by a SHS staff member during a class period.