Health & Wellness

One of the District’s main goals is to promote and support the growth of the whole student, from elementary through high school. This means that the learning and resources we provide go beyond academics to physical, nutritional, mental, and emotional health and wellness.


We accomplish this by promoting physical activity, participating in meal programs that support and help develop healthy eating habits, and offering access to on-site health professionals. The District also incorporates social-emotional learning into the curriculum to help students develop their self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal relational skills. These skills learned during their formative years of schooling give students the tools for continued success in adulthood.

Physical Health

Nutritional Health

Mental Health

Social Emotional Learning

Important Reminder

California school law requires incoming 7th grade students to have a Tdap booster shot.

Documentation of this must be turned in to Sierra Junior High School before the first day of school for your child to attend classes.