Back-to-School-Sierra-Unified-School-District Back to School COVID-19 Updates: What You Need To Know

Sierra Unified is continuing to work toward a full return back to school, to our programs and use of facilities, including students attending our campuses 5 days a week.

Based on Governor Newsom’s announcement on Friday, July 17th, we are in the process of making adjustments to our school re-opening plan. We held Community Forum Zoom Meetings on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Here is a video recap of our first meeting, in case you missed it.


The advantage of being a small district provides more opportunity to meet the goals that we and our Sierra families have set forth while staying consistent with the phased reopening of California’s schools.


This is intended as a resource for Sierra Unified schools to establish and implement procedures for reopening and operating schools after the closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will evolve over time as more information becomes available. Resources will be added or updated as information and additional materials are identified.

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