Foothill Elementary

Sierra Unified is following the health protocols and guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control, the California Department of Public Health, the Fresno County Department of Public Health, and Fresno County Superintendent of Schools for maintaining staff and student safety while attending in-person instruction.  If a family is not able or does not wish to attend in person, Sierra Unified offers Sierra@Home Education, an independent study program, as an option.

Symptom Checks
  • Parents will administer a health screening each morning before sending students
  • Teachers will do a health screening when entering the classroom
  • Masks Required
  • Siblings and students of the same residence are required to be seated together

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Arriving to Campus
  • TK-2nd grade face coverings strongly recommended, 3rd-6th grade face coverings required
  • Cohort Location
    • Cohort’s will be by grade level
  • Equipment provided
  • Maintain 6ft physical distance with face coverings in cohort (TK-2 strongly recommended)

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  • Sanitizer/hand washing in, Sanitizer/hand washing out
  • Health Screening by teacher
    • TK-2 Temp Checks
    • 3rd-6th- Verbal Screening
  • 18-24 students
    • Physically Distanced, 6ft apart
    • TK-2 face coverings strongly recommended
    • 3-6th face coverings required
  • Alternative spaces for larger class groups
  • Cohorts by grade level
  • Sanitizing surfaces throughout the day
  • Sanitizing by custodians each night (fogger)
  • Sanitizer/hand washing in, Sanitizer/hand washing out
  • Alternative drinking stations provided
  • Cleaning of touch surfaces throughout the day
  • Physical distancing of office space, face coverings required
  • Limited visitors
    • All visitors are required face coverings
    • All visitors required to check-in at office first
  • Breakfast/Lunch in Cohort locations
    • Breakfast before school in cohort location
    • Lunch TK-2 in Cafeteria
    • Lunch 3rd-6th outside covered area
  • Recess
    • Equipment and play structures available (Sani in, Sani out)
    • Equipment sanitized after each use
    • Face coverings can be removed during outdoor recreation
Leaving Campus
  • Staggered times to buses
  • One big circle to buses (starting at first bus and moving around to back to pick up)
  • One parent pick-up area
    • Grade level groups at pick-up
  • Service students in designated REI/LEAP classrooms
  • Sanitizing between cohorts
Specials (PE, Art, Music)
  • Students will deploy to specials
  • TK-2nd face coverings strongly recommended
  • 3rd-6th face coverings required (PE outside not required)
SOAR Center/Wonder Room (Still Finalizing)
  • Maria- regulation breaks, minor behavior (Come to classroom)
  • Katrina- Major (Soar Center)