Back-to-School-Sierra-Unified-School-District Return to Campus, October 26th

Foothill Elementary Phase 3 Reopening

In this phase of reopening students will be returning to school five days a week and will be following health protocols and changes to our campus. If a family is not able to return to school or does not desire to return to school with the following protocols, SUSD will be offering Sierra@Home Education as an option.

Symptom Checks
  • Parents will administer a health screening each morning before sending students
  • Teachers will do a health screening when entering the classroom
  • Masks Required
  • Siblings and students of the same residence are required to be seated together

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Arriving to Campus
  • TK-2nd grade face coverings strongly recommended, 3rd-6th grade face coverings required
  • Cohort Location
    • Cohort’s will be by grade level
  • Equipment provided
  • Maintain 6ft physical distance with face coverings in cohort (TK-2 strongly recommended)

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  • Sanitizer/hand washing in, Sanitizer/hand washing out
  • Health Screening by teacher
    • TK-2 Temp Checks
    • 3rd-6th- Verbal Screening
  • 18-24 students
    • Physically Distanced, 6ft apart
    • TK-2 face coverings strongly recommended
    • 3-6th face coverings required
  • Alternative spaces for larger class groups
  • Cohorts by grade level
  • Sanitizing surfaces throughout the day
  • Sanitizing by custodians each night (fogger)
  • Sanitizer/hand washing in, Sanitizer/hand washing out
  • Alternative drinking stations provided
  • Cleaning of touch surfaces throughout the day
  • Physical distancing of office space, face coverings required
  • Limited visitors
    • All visitors are required face coverings
    • All visitors required to check-in at office first
  • Breakfast/Lunch in Cohort locations
    • Breakfast before school in cohort location
    • Lunch TK-2 in Cafeteria
    • Lunch 3rd-6th outside covered area
  • Recess
    • Equipment and play structures available (Sani in, Sani out)
    • Equipment sanitized after each use
    • Face coverings can be removed during outdoor recreation
Leaving Campus
  • Staggered times to buses
  • One big circle to buses (starting at first bus and moving around to back to pick up)
  • One parent pick-up area
    • Grade level groups at pick-up
  • Service students in designated REI/LEAP classrooms
  • Sanitizing between cohorts
Specials (PE, Art, Music)
  • Students will deploy to specials
  • TK-2nd face coverings strongly recommended
  • 3rd-6th face coverings required (PE outside not required)
SOAR Center/Wonder Room (Still Finalizing)
  • Maria- regulation breaks, minor behavior (Come to classroom)
  • Katrina- Major (Soar Center)