Our mission is to inspire, engage, challenge, and support all students to reach their highest level of learning and personal development.

Educating in all the right ways.

Our vision is to be an exemplary, student-focused school district, that is highly regarded for the competence and character of our students, the rich connection to our mountain community, and the excellence of our people, programs, and learning environment.

A Truly Unique Setting.

The District currently serves 1,270 students, in grades TK through 12 from three schools; Foothill Elementary (grades TK-6), Sierra Junior High School (grades 7-8), Sierra High School (grades 9-12), with Sierra Junior High and Sierra High Schools sharing the same campus, facilities, administration and many of the staff. Sierra Alternative Schools meet the needs of families in need of a non-traditional approach to education. Serving students K-12 in two online schools of choice and a 10-12 grade alternative high school.

There are three Native American Rancherias located within the district with direct
ancestral ties to the Native American Mono Tribe. Those rancherias are; Table Mountain Rancheria, Big Sandy Rancheria, and Cold Springs Rancheria, each with a rich, cultural heritage.


Sierra Unified features a 200-acre school farm, an extended learning program for students K-12, dual enrollment offerings, CTE pathways, and an MTSS-structure that addresses students’ social-emotional health as well as their academic performance needs.

In this mountain community, students are able to explore multiple areas of interest with the choice to pursue academics, athletics, the arts, and co-curricular activities simultaneously.

It’s true.

Our district will never be the biggest, but that doesn’t stop us from striving to be the best… our Sierra Best. It’s this commitment to excellence that is instilled in our children helping them to spread their wings and become the best that they can be.

Our total number of students

may be small compared to other districts but we pride ourselves on things like opportunity, academic choice, creative thought, ideas and ingenuity, and caring for others. These are the things we consider big and we create the space for our students to live them out each and every day.

Excellence in education

is our goal for every student. To meet this goal, we take a systematic approach to using data from formative and summative assessments to evaluate student progress at each grade level and course, adjusting as needed while delivering a comprehensive curriculum. With smaller class sizes within the SUSD our students get one more essential boost in meeting our excellence goals – more time with their teachers.


Excellence is a continual goal. SUSD implements rigorous yet equitable academic programs to propel students toward success in higher education. We also strive for excellence in occupational learning, helping students to master job skills that are applicable and sought after by local and regional businesses.



Every Sierra athletic team that takes the field, the court, or the pool is in it to win it! Every Eagle, Warrior, and Chieftain takes pride in representing our district and showcasing their talents. We also believe that athletic competition is more than that – it’s about learning to achieve a common goal, cooperative work, clear communication, and exposure through participation in a variety of sports to achieve a well-rounded experience.